About Therapeutic Delinquents

Welcome to Therapeutic Delinquents.


Raid days

Monday: 20:00 - 23:00

Wedensday-Thursday: 20:00 - 23:00




* Exeptionel players are always welcome*


About Therapeutic Delinquents  

We are made up from players with same mindset and goals in WoD, and for the next expax to come. From the start we have been clear on our goals, We wanted to build a raiding guild with progress in mind. Combined we have HC and Myth experience, and many of us have been around since launch in 2004, and have been HC raiding back in the day. We know what it takes to make progress and how to get it.. 


Application and trial period:

A trial period is between 2 - 4 weeks, and it all depends on how you perform in raids and how you interact with your guildies. We are above all a guild and we need to stand together, and help our guildies and be social active. If you do not clear the trial period you will either be asked to leave, or get a little more time to do better. We would like to appear as a whole with everyone working toward the same goal. Its a fact, that if not all work as a whole, we will never achieve our goals. If a Social member wish to join our Raidteam, they are very much welcome to do so. Just have a word with our Officers and we will make it happen.


What we expect of you! 

Sign up :If you intent only to raid sometimes, we are not the guild for you. We expect you are there for all of our raids and on time. When you meet, you have everything ready, flasks, pots and food etc etc. If you are not that type of player we can not use you.. Slacking will not be tolerated.... We dont, so you dont! 

Commitment :Once you get the question - Why play?.. You play to raid, to get bosses down, and not to sit in chat or in trade chat or is a "youtube kid". You must have clear objective and be driven by attitude. – WHAT DO I WANT, WHAT CAN I DO TO GET IT, DO I DO ALL I CAN TO GET IT!. If you feel this does not reflect you, it does not mean you are a bad player, its just not you who we seek! You need to know your class in and out, and always be at the forefront of how you can do better.


final comment:

We are looking for players who want to play the game for a long time, and for players that know what solidarity is and want to make new friends across borders. 

Beyond the above you must have a stable connection, and your computer should be able to game at good and above settings. Bad connection and computers can ruin a whole raid... And we dont want that.

This is us and what we seek.... Now you tell us who you are and what you seek!!

See you ingame




Apply HERE

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